Vaclav Hazel Airport

Prague city is the biggest city of Czech republic. It is its capital too. When we talk about the largest cities, it is counted as the 14th largest in the European Union. The airport in this city is known as Vaclav Havel airport. It is an international airport. It is about 10 kilometers far away from the city center of Prague.

Vaclav Hazel Airport

This airport is located at quite a significant place in respect of its short distance from centre of Prague and is within the European area. The airport also plays a role of center of network for European airport. One of the reasons of this airport’s popularity is its being used in one of the scenes of a famous movie known as Casino Royale (James Bond).

It is one of the busiest airports of Prague city. In 2014, about 11 million people passengers were served at that airport which makes it one among the busiest airports. It is the airport which is used as a focal point for Czech Airlines. It also serves as a base for travel service airlines.

busiest Airports of Prague City

There are two main terminals which are used by the passengers of Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, two aviation terminals and a facility of cargo. The terminals that are used more often for the departure of flights are the north terminals; whereas the south terminal is used for handling limited irregular flights, for purpose of VIP flights, special flights and small planes.

Currently there are two runways that are operational in this airport for departure and landing of flights. A former runway which was once operational is now used for taxiing and parking purpose.

Praha Airport Taxi

For Prague airport transfers you can book online with us. Buses serve the passengers of this airport at both terminals after interval of every 10 minutes. Passengers feel very comfortable when it comes to conveyance. One of the reasons for this comfort is the use of shuttle buses which is a cheap and very comfortable transport system. Booking is done online with a guarantee of money back in case of cancelation of flight or missed flight. It also offers a free tour of the Prague city for 4 hours.


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